• Mindy Lowber
    Mindy LowberTrainer

    “It’s a lifestyle… train like there’s no finish line!”

    NETA Certified Personal Trainer

    Mindy Lowber is our Group Fitness Coordinator, instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer. She has been teaching and training clients since 2005. She worked at another local Fitness center in 2000, and joined our facility in 2009. Mindy eats, sleeps, and breathes a healthy lifestyle. Her love for fitness began at the age of 10 through taking her mother’s group fitness classes. From that point on, fitness was a large portion of her life. She became member of the Pom Squad and later an 89er Diamond Girl completely absorbed in living an active healthy lifestyle

    It wasn’t until she had three children of her own, that she realized how much more difficult living a healthy and active lifestyle was. After 3 pregnancies and putting herself after the needs of her family, she decided to prioritize fitness again and lead as an example for her children.

    She teaches classes 4 nights a week, and trains clients the rest of her time. Age is merely a number for her, and she will always lead by example even after her children have grown. She even participated in her first fitness competition last year. Mindy strives to lead her clients and help them achieve whatever their goals may be. Her main focuses are on form and diet. Every clients needs are different, so she will not cookie cutter train any of her clients. She is compassionate to a point, but expects 100 % effort from her clients at all times.


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