Member Options

    $10.99 Monthly
    • Mother, Father, & Children (under 21) Only
    • Up to 4 people
    • Unlimited access
    • Primary on account must be present when adding family member to membership

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Day Passes

  • FREE 5 Day Pass*
    • Managed Hour Gym Access
    • 100+ Group Fitness Classes
    • *Must Sign Release Form Before Valid*
  • 10 Day Pass
    • Managed Hour Gym Access
    • 100+ Group Fitness Classes
    • No Start Up Fee
    • **Must Sign Waiver Upon Purchase**
    • Available For Purchase During Managed Hours
    • Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm |                           Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm  |  Sunday: 1 pm - 4 pm
    • Includes Access To Cardio & Weight Area
    • Any Group Fitness Classes After 8 am
    • Does NOT Include Child Care Or Tanning                   (Sold Separately)
    • **Must Sign Waiver Before Using Facility**

*5 FREE Day Pass can only be redeemed one time per person. Not Valid with any other offer.

What is all included in my membership?

24-hour access to our facility and access to all of our classes is included in our membership. We offer tanning and childcare at additional fees.

Am I allowed to bring in a guest?

We do allow guests under the following conditions:

  • If your guest has never worked out in the facility before but are thinking about joining, we offer a free 5 day pass that can be used during office hours only. As long as they get in before our office closes they can stay as long as they wish. (Example: a guest arrives at 7:50 pm on a Monday and the office closes at 8 pm, the guest has the option of staying until midnight if they wish)
  • If a guest is only there for the day and does not intend on getting a membership, we do charge a $10 day pass.

All guests MUST sign a waiver in the office before entering the workout areas.

Office Hours are Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm  |  Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm  |  Sunday: 1 pm – 4 pm

**If members are caught sneaking in unauthorized guests, a $50 fee will be charged to the primary member on the account for breaking the rule each time.**

Reasons for members to be able to break or freeze their agreement
  • If members have lost their job, we can freeze their membership until up to 90-days. Proof is required.
  • If members have relocated over 30 miles away, they can break their contract by simply providing proof of residency. A $50 fee will apply.
  • If members have had medical issues, we can freeze your membership until you have a physician’s relief. Proof is required
  • If members have permanent medical issues, we can void the contract. Proof is required.
If I’ve never worked out in my life, how do I start?

Our approach to this might be different from other gyms in that we are realistic about our members and their goals. Too many times we see our wonderful members work so hard to lose weight that they let themselves down in the end. It is not an easy change. We know you’ve heard fitness professionals use the term “lifestyle” change. Well it is and it isn’t easy!!!! Please don’t set yourself up for failure. Small steps lead to a more permanent change. This is the type of change you want. You have made a decision to join a gym, which is step one. Step two would be to set small and attainable goals. Start aiming for 1 time per week either meeting with a trainer, taking one of our wonderful classes, or whatever you choose to do. Once you feel like you have this goal of working out once per week, increase it to two times per week and so forth. And remember your diet. If your not making small changes in your diet, than all your work in the gym will be pointless. Again, YOUR BODY WILL NOT CHANGE OVERNIGHT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be realistic in your goals.

How do I tone my stomach?

Everyone wants the flat tone stomach. Everyone starts off with 500 sit-ups a day and will eventually become frustrated when changes do not occur. That is because they are searching in the right area looking for answers. CARDIO!!! For 95% of the gym population this is the least fun of all exercises. This is the most necessary of all the evils for capturing the goal of a flat-toned stomach.

How many times per week should I meet with my trainer?

That depends on your schedule. With most clients, we start out with 3-4 times per week.


Is it actually safe to visit your facility late at night?

Yes, We have installed top-of-the-line security cameras throughout our gym and parking lot and we also have a late night staff member who works there to ensure our member’s safety. Now, this doesn’t mean you do not have to be vigilant of your surroundings. Gyms are often targeted because the thieves know that people will leave purses and wallets in cars while they workout. Always put your valuables in one of our free daily lockers which are available to rent for an additional $10 per month. You will have to bring one of your own locks with you and our free daily rental is just for the time period in which you are using our facility. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR.

Why is there a sign-up fee?

We have recently reduced our sign-up fee significantly. Our sign-up fee includes the 24-hour access key to our facility. A lot of gyms like to charge a high sign-up fee, but advertise that they require no contract. This is only a matter of opinion, but that speaks volumes for their integrity. They could care less about your health and more about your money. Why require a contract when they just got a large sum from your initial sign-up?

I do not want to sign a contract, why can’t I just do month to month?

We do offer month-to-month memberships as well as a 1-year contract. Now, the business side of this is pretty apparent. When you go to buy good or service, you can normally get some type of discount for buying more of something. Well, you are committing to a contract and we offer a discount to those who buying “more” of a membership. Another reason we like the contract discount is that to see results, it takes commitment. Commitment takes change and change takes time. Commit to a healthier you and you won’t regret your contract.


What are your staff hours?

Our staffed ours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am-8:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm, and Sunday from 1:00pm-4:00pm. This is the time when our guests may use their 5-day free trial passes and 10-visit passes. And of course, anyone interested in touring the gym or buying a membership can do so.

When my contract ends, will my monthly gym payments stop withdrawing from my account?

No, once your contract is up, the gym will continue to withdraw your payment unless you physically come in and sign a cancellation request. We also require a month’s notice on your membership cancellation. For example, if you come in and cancel today, you will get charged one last time on your membership dues and you will have one more month before your membership expires.

Can I take daycare or tanning off if I’m not using it?

Yes again you can make changes to your contract by the first of the month.

If I move, is my contract still valid?

If you move further than 30 miles away from a Biff’s location, with a proof residency, the fee is $50 and the contract will be terminated.

Can I change my single membership to a family membership and vice versa?

Yes you can make amendments to your contract at any time as long the actual contract stays open. All of your changes to be updated for the following month must be completed by the first of the month.

What happens if I sneak in an unauthorized guest?

Office Hours are Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm  |  Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm  |  Sunday: 1 pm – 4 pm

If members are caught sneaking in unauthorized guests during or after office hours, a $50 fee will be charged to the primary member on the account for breaking the rule each time. If it continues to occur after 3 times, the primary account holder and add-ons could lose their membership with no refund.

If I cancel my membership but come back, will I have a start up fee?

If you decide to terminate your membership for whatever reason that may be, but return within 6 months, the start up fee will be waived. However, regular start up fee will apply after that 6 months end.

Our Commitment to You!

Most people will tell you that a 1 or 2 year commitment for a gym membership is not something they are particularly fond of. While we understand the complaints on this, we have 1 and 2-year commitments for both billing purposes and to offer a price break to those who are willing to commit to working out at our facility for a longer period of time. It is similar to grocery stores offering a discount to their customers when they buy more than 1 of the same item.
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