randi2Randi is our Childcare Coordinator and has been with us since we opened our doors. She always gives 100% and puts a smile on every child’s face.  We sat down with Randi and got some insight from her.

  • We first asked Randi to tell us about herself.

“I have always loved kids and being with them. I started doing childcare and babysitting when I was 9 years and have continued doing both for the last 23 years. I gave up my nursing career when I was unable to get pregnant myself. When my daughter was born is when I decided to I was going to be with her as much as possible. I’ve kept kids in my house for the last 7 years as well as been in charge of childcare at my church, Biff’s, and working at a Parent’s Day Out program.”

  • We asked Randi what her thing about her job was.

“My most favorite thing about this job is that my kids can come with me, this is our second home! My daughter is now in school all day and son half a day, but they love to come play with their gym friends! I have enjoyed getting to know and becoming friends with the gym staff and parents.”


We have such an amazing team working in our childcare! We couldn’t ask for better people and it’s awesome knowing that every child is well cared for and safe from the moment they are dropped off up to the time that they have to leave.


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