At BIFF’S 24/7 Fitness we pride ourselves on being locally and family owned. We are a full service gym offering a full range of services. With that being said, too many times members can get lost in the crowd. We have a strong community between members and staff that is truly unique. We genuinely care about our members and want them to be successful in whatever their fitness goals may be. It is our top priority to make our environment one that is clean and welcoming for our current members, new members, and our employees.

We know it can be intimidating to start attending a new gym. You will not find overly pushy sales staff hoping to simply make a commission off of your membership that you see at many large gyms today. Instead, you will find a fun and relaxing environment for our members. While we do take our fitness very seriously, we also know bringing smiles to faces is equally important to one’s well-being. Stop by today to begin the journey for a better tomorrow and a happier you.

Our commitment to you…

Most people will tell you that a 1 or 2 year commitment for a gym membership is not something they are particularly fond of.  It is similar to grocery stores offering a discount to their customers when they buy more than 1 of the same item.

As we often stress, changing your lifestyle for the better is NOT an overnight process. When you are debating on signing a 1 or 2-year commitment, ask yourself this question:Am I truly committed to begin a healthier lifestyle or is this merely something I THINK may work?

  • If you are truly committed to making a permanent change or have already made that change, than by all means, sign a commitment and take advantage of the price savings
  • If you THINK this act of joining a gym will give you the kick-start you need, than month-to-month is your best bet. Joining a gym will NOT magically make you start to exercise everyday of the week. It has to come from within you. Many times we recommend hiring a personal trainer to hold you accountable in the beginning because more often than not, simply paying for a monthly membership will not be the sole motivator for you to start an exercise regimen.

Among other concerns, people often place of residency, loss of income, and other unforeseen circumstances as top reasons to avoid signing a 1 commitment. To help ease your mind, we have listed the following reasons for members to be able to break or freeze their contract:

  • If members have lost their job, we can freeze their membership until up to 6 months. Proof is required.
  • If members have relocated over 30 miles away, they can break their contract by simply providing proof of residency. A $100 fee will apply.
  • If members have had medical issues, we can freeze your membership until you have a physician’s relief. Proof is required
  • If members have permanent medical issues, we can void the contract. Proof is required.
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