Meet “Biffy” Our Children’s Fitness Educator


Biffy is our newest mascot at Biff’s!

She is a certified children’s personal trainer.  Let her spread her superpowers of health and fitness with your children in a fun and easy way to understand.

Biffy’s exercise class encourages children to experience the fun of exercise in a safe, fun, and positive environment.  It is specifically designed to help children have healthier hearts, stronger muscles and bones, and it also assists with coordination, balance, and social skills.

As a family and locally owned gym, and with children of our own…

we understand the importance of spreading health and fitness to our children. With technology and fast food at our finger tips, guiding our children to be active and eating healthy is an increasingly harder task than it once was. Help us spread health and fitness by scheduling Biffy to appear at your school TODAY!

 Top 3 Tips for Parents

  1. Spend quality time with your kids and incorporate fitness! You can help your child develop a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise by going on walks, riding bikes, playing tag at the park, jumping rope, skipping, throwing a ball, etc.
  2. Make fitness fun! Only thirty minutes of regular exercise a day can prevent heart disease, control weight, boost mood and energy.  So what are you waiting for?  Go play with your kids and reap the benefits!
  3. LEAD BY EXAMPLE! This is very important to demonstrate to our children and will be the most beneficial trait you can pass down towards your children. They will not understand how important health and fitness is unless they see their parents follow the same regimen.
  • Lori Shaw
    Lori ShawTrainer / CrossFit Kids Coach / Group Instructor
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