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I have never been a gym or fitness type person. In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was shocked because none of my family members have ever had this problem. I felt sorry for myself for a month, and then my daughter -that goes to Biff’s- insisted I go with her. I had changed my diet but was still angry at life. I was 56 years old the first time I walked into a gym of any kind!

We asked Bonnie a few questions about why she loves being a member at Biff’s and here’s what she had to say…

How long have you been a Biff’s Member?

Since Feb 2015. 

What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

At first I had no choice but to work toward a healthy lifestyle, but now I really enjoy working out and am motivated to manage my diabetes without medicine.

Why do you chose to train at Biff’s?

I LOVE Biff’s. Mainly due to the atmosphere and people that own it. Jamie has helped me a LOT and never makes me feels foolish or out of place. It is always clean and safe. Everyone is kind and helpful. It has a “family” feel.

What does your favorite workout consist of?

For some strange reason, I like to warm up on the rowing machine then go lift and end on the treadmill. I just started trying to run and find I enjoy it a lot. The first time I ran I could barely go 30 seconds, but I am now able to run 1/2 mile at a time.

What’s your biggest unhealthy weakness?

I don’t really get that option. Maybe bread? I really miss bread!!

What do you enjoy most when you’re NOT at Biff’s working out?

I enjoy my home and family. I have 5 children and numerous grandchildren. I also enjoy camping, hiking and kayaking. My husband and I go often.

Do you have a support system?

I would never be able to maintain this new lifestyle without the support of my daughters who hold me accountable. (They’re very tough on me and won’t accept any excuses I try to give). They push me when I’m getting lazy. Jamie won’t let me slide either. He’s always pushing me to try new things. Maybe that’s why I like Biffs, they actually care about each person.

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