CONGRATULATIONS to Ronnie Raines!!

Ronnie has been a member at Biff’s since we opened the doors in 2008. Over the last 2 years Ronnie has lost 20 lbs and gained muscle mass (26% body fat down to 20% body fat). We’re proud of Ronnie and glad to have him as a member for the last 11 years! Ronnie was nominated by Jamie Ward. We asked Ronnie some questions about him here’s what she had to say:

What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

I am getting to the age where the doctor is eventually going to say that I need to start doing something. I’m just trying to get one step ahead.

Why do you train at Biff’s?

I came here first for convenience. I have stayed because of the treatment from the staff and management, also the people I’ve met there and became good friends with.

What does your favorite workout consist of?

Anything to do with weights, I am not a cardio person at all.

What is your biggest unhealthy weakness?

There are numerous but anything to do with food. I continue to try to outrun my horrible eating habits.

What do you enjoy most when you are not at Biff’s working out?

I am a car guy. I have several old cars I like to tinker with and polish on.

What is your favorite quote?

On good days work hard, on bad days work harder.

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