100 Down Pounders is BACK!

Established to honor those individuals who have lost 100 pounds or more. For anyone who has been through this long journey, it is not an easy task.  We hope to give others inspiration to shed their weight once and for all and reward them for their hard work and dedication.

New members- Just sign a 1 year commitment membership and you’re in.

Existing members- Simply register in our office and get started.

We will have a weigh in on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

  • If you lose at least 5 pounds we will deduct $10 from your membership the following month. (Ex: After month 1, if you lose between 5-9 pounds, we deduct $10 from month 2, and so on…)
  • If you lose 10 lbs. or more, the following month is free.
  • At the end of the 1 year term, if you have lost 100 lbs. or more we will put a plaque on our wall of your before and after picture and have a ceremony to celebrate the new you! (You have 2 years from the starting date to reach the goal.)

We are a family owned fitness center and a no judgement place. We are all here to see everyone succeed and always welcome new family members. We have a full staff here to answer any questions as well as get you one on one help with a personal trainer, if needed. We want you to reach your goals and become a newer and healthier you.

This is an open-ended opportunity and it all starts with you!

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