Whether you once were an experienced athlete or have never worked out a day in your life, hiring a trainer is a must for those who need that jump start to getting healthy.  At one point many of us may have been fit and knew how to get in shape. So hiring someone to train you to do something you “once” knew how to do may seem pointless, BUT it’s NOT I promise.  Trainers hold you accountable and help jumpstart your routine.  Yes, you may think “I can do all of these exercises on my own,”  but the real question is ARE you doing the exercise on your own?  Be honest with yourself and if you do not think you have the discipline to work out on your own, invest in a trainer.

We don’t require you to have a gym membership for personal training unless you are training after staffed hours, but we do require either a day pass or a 10 day punch pass in order for personal training.

All personal training must be with one of our staff members or contractors. Anyone who is training that is not a staff member will be subject to a $50 fee and/or their membership may be terminated without a refund.

All of our trainers set their own prices. If you would like to set up a consultation, give us a call (405) 265-3514 or message us on social media and we can get that set up!


  • Lori Shaw
    Lori ShawTrainer / CrossFit Kids Coach / Group Instructor
  • Amanda Martin
    Amanda MartinGroup Instructor
  • Ryan Beagles
    Ryan BeaglesPersonal Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Corrective Exercise Specialist / Performance Enhancement Specialist


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